These are the people of sync.

no one offers the same thing. each is as valuable as the other.

Greer O'Donnell.jpg

Greer O'donnell

Co-Founder, The SYNC Collective

Director, The Urban Advisory

Board Member, The Britten Institute

Greer is an entrepreneur and urban strategist. With an education in law, anthropology and political science and a background in urban development, Greer has extensive experience working with public agencies, private enterprise and communities to deliver improved urban outcomes throughout New Zealand. Greer believes in holistic planning of our cities, is a champion of productive partnerships and a generator of ideas. 




Claire Kitson.jpg

Claire Kitson

Claire started her career off in Professional Engineering; through organic development she moved into the business consulting field, specialising in engineering and sustainable development project and program management.  Recently she started mixing it up, launching her art brand Claire Elizabeth, producing contemporary pencil and paint works in parallel to working as a freelance consultant for new businesses on development strategy and business process improvement.  Claire has travelled for the last 5 years and is currently based in Taihape, New Zealand.  She is excited about the growing ability to be location independent from work and the variety of the modern “9-5”.

BE(Hons) - Chemical and Process


Bridie Sweetman.jpg

Bridie Sweetman

Bridie is a legal advisor who has worked as a lawyer, researcher and policy advocate across a number of industries. Bridie has a passion for human rights issues and how our systems of governance and city regulation affect sex workers. Bridie currently provides legal advisory services to the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective, is an Associate Research Fellow for the University of Otago and continues to provide legal support to individuals with employment matters and small business disputes. She holds a Master of Laws in Human Rights. 

LLB, BCom (Accounting & Finance),

LLM - Honours (International Human Rights)


Dorenda Britten.jpg


Managing Director and Design Strategist – Dorenda Britten Ltd

Founder and Trustee – The Britten Institute

I initially trained as a graphic designer at University of Canterbury. I have consulted across all areas of design strategy innovation, product, service and system development and commercialism in both public and private enterprise.

Along with members of my team, I developed a set of design principles based on people, planet and profit and have helped many organisations integrate these principles.

I am passionate about contributing to the success of New Zealand and believe we can show the world how to uphold a set of values whilst making a healthy profit. These values are manifested in the business growth and mentoring work I do with business start-up organisations around the country.


Andrea Brewster.jpg

Andrea Brewster

Andrea is a communications, strategy and social enterprise enthusiast and champion of women in leadership.

Her background includes marketing agencies, public sector communications and engagement, a stint in the Beehive and leadership roles in national non-profit organisations.

Andrea has qualifications in communications and public engagement, experience in governance roles, and a strong belief in the power of organisations to change the world. 


Haley McCarroll.jpg

Hayley McCarroll

Hayley is a project development and strategic communication professional who specialises in a delivering a variety of projects that offer a new way of thinking about how cities and buildings are designed and operated in, making our cities more meaningful places.

Hayley’s background in project management underpins her ability to works closely with industry leaders in both the public and private sector; across strategic visioning and planning, project analysis and development, procurement, design and construction management, and strategic stakeholder management.

Sas L Rhodes.jpg


Hello! My name is Sas. I like to get things done for people. If you like things getting done then you have stumbled onto the right website. I started as a Science and Commerce graduate slowly adding more qualifications and skills to my name such as event management, guerilla marketing stunts, and creative media production.

I have been working in the events and entertainment industry for eight years in over 4 different countries managing teams and project briefs from 10-4000. I am particularly interested in film and TV production as well as special event management.
Feel free to follow the link to my portfolio and see if my many skills can help you with any projects you need managed.


Kate Spence.jpg


Kate initially trained in media at University of Canterbury. She has a background across marketing strategy, digital marketing, and media and has worked across both the private and public sector developing digital strategies, digital policy, process development, website SEO, Google display and search Adwords and social media.

She is passionate about developing Christchurch into an innovative, sustainable city that works collaboratively. 

"I believe making connections in and between industries means that we can work more effectively and efficiently."



Sophie is passionate about people development and community. She has a background in cultural and religious studies, with diverse experience across a number of industries including social enterprise, health, media and construction, and currently works as a PA at a busy architecture firm.

Her skills include interpersonal communication, social media engagement, content creation and diversification, event planning and everything in between. Creatively minded, Sophie's strengths lie in critical problem solving and the streamlining of processes. 

Sophie is interested in issues of accessibility, is passionate about asking great questions and values collaboration, whanaungatanga, equity and kaitiakitanga.