Are you living a working life?

The future of work is changing. How we live our lives is changing. It has to. We have more inequality and more unhappy humans than ever before.  

And yet we - apparently - have all the tools and ability to change it.

SYNC was born out of a combination of frustration, dissatisfaction, and a desire to “work” in a way that actually, well, worked for me. Or, to feel as though I am not actually "working” at all. Luckily for me, I get paid to do what I love. More and more people are asking me, “How?”

So it got me thinking: If everyone was passionate about what they got paid for, would “work” as we know it exist?

It’s not hard to see more and more people are no longer satisfied sitting in a company office for 40-plus hours each week, working for someone else's bottom line, doing something they don’t enjoy.

People are looking for an alternative.

Enter the motivators of this generation; the desire to have a positive impact on the world, be inspired by purpose, not status, the demand for flexibility, autonomy and continual growth. Freelancing or contracting offers the opportunity to achieve those things and gives us all a chance to live a fulfilling life which includes working, not a life dictated by turning up to a job.

SYNC believes this can happen, Sync believes you can live your work life balance to make a life that works, a proper working life.

And we want to empower everyone who chooses this path.

SYNC wants to learn, grow and share all the good bits of a working life while nutting out all the hard bits together. We hope that by having a platform for people to connect, support each other and brain-smoosh, we can create a way for people to do what they are passionate about in a way that works for them.

SYNC wants to help you build your working life by assisting whichever way is needed. Watch this space.

SYNC only exists because of the hard work and commitment by those who supported our vision of a working life. By following this blog you will hear the perspectives and motivations of these amazing people, learn their stories and hopefully catch some fun facts you might just find interesting and helpful on your journey towards a workless life.


SYNC - a collective for the future of work.